Infographic: The state of e-learning

The first 200 responses to our annual Speexx Exchange Survey are in and we’re excited to share the early results with you in our latest e-learning infographic. This survey was conducted in late 2014 among senior HR and L&D managers, C-level executives, training managers and e-learning strategy developers from four continents.

Here’s what we found:


E-Learning Spendings

61% of organizations plan to increase their e-learning budget within the next three years. (This time last year, the figure was at 57%). But currently, and similar to 2013, almost half (47%) of our respondents invest less than a tenth of their training budgets in e-enabled learning programs. Just 7% of organizations invest more than 50% of their budgets in e-learning solutions.

Mobile and social learning on the rise

Mobile and social learning allow students to continue building and sharing knowledge and skills outside of the traditional classroom. 76% of HR and L&D managers we asked about this allowed and/or provided mobile devices in the workplace, yet only 26% actually use them for learning purposes. This represents a significant gap between technology’s potential and its actual usage. We also wanted to know what’s hampering mobile learning – the number 1 reason cited was “corporate data security issues”. If you want to find out more about this, read our latest white paper on Navigating Data Protection Regulations in L&D. As for social learning, 75% rate its potential as very effective or somewhat effective, yet just 24% are currently using it. However, a further 19% plan to implement some form of social learning in the coming three years.

Top E-Learning Benefits

So what are the advantages that HR and L&D managers have registered in e-learning projects so far? The number 1 benefit by far was “flexibility and instant accssibility”, cited by 56%. Last year, this benefit also came top of the list, chosen by 51% of respondents. Next in line, although with a much lower number of votes, is “reduction of direct training costs” (cited by 16% this year and 18% in 2013). Furthermoe, 12% of organizations find that e-learning allows them to speed up time to value, compared to 9% last year.

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